3.Loreta Chapel (Loretta) is a chapel in style to imitate the Holy House at Loreto. These chapels were built throughout Europe, especially in the 16th to 18 centuries as one of the manifestations of baroque pieta. 
4.The walk to the Castle Town Square
5.Castle Town Square,Schwarzenberg Palace on the right.
The Hradčín (Castle) square is the center of the Castle Town district and it is located in front of the main entrance to the Prague Castle.  Only here you can see every day at noon the Changing of the Guards,
6.Salm Palace - part of the National Gallery
7.Archbishop´s Palace, seat of the Czech Archbishop
8.Prague Castle´s main entrance, New Royale Palace
In the New Royal Palace is the office of the Czech president and so unfortunately, these interiors are accessible only twice a year. However, it is possible to visit the rest of contiguous parts of the castle as the Old Royal Palace, Rosenberg and Lobkowicz Palace.
9.Statues of fighting Giants, behind the Matyas Gate
10. Matyas Gate, 1st baroque monument in Prague
11. 2nd Prague Cortyard with the Church of the Holy Cross
12. St. Vitus Cathedral - Newest part ,20th Century
Saint Vitus' Cathedral is the biggest and most important Roman Catholic church in the country and it was founded in connection with the establishment of the Prague Archbishopric. 
13. Interiors of the St. Vitus Cathedral are unforgetable, there is a royal crypt under the church.
14. The Cathedral is 120 meters long and 99 meters high.
15. 3rd Castle Cortyard with a Obelisk
16. Former main entrance to the Cathedral
17.St George Basilica - the oldest church of the Prague Castle, founded about 920 by Prince Bořivoj. The building houses the 19th century Bohemian Art Collection of National Gallery in Prague. Thanks to its great acoustic it also serves as a concert hall.
18. Old Royal Palace and oldest part of the St. Vitus Cathedral The most impressive part of the Old Royal Palace is the Vladislav Hall. It was used for festivals, coronations, markets, councils and tournaments.
19. Lobkowicz Palace. The original Renaissance palace was built in the 16th century by the Pernstejn family. There is a private family museum of the Lobkowicz family now inside. The collection includes paintings by old masters such as Pieter Brueghel , Lucas Cranach, Canaletto, or a large set of Spanish Renaissance portraits from Velasquez.
2.Cernin Palace
1.Loreto Square - the starting point of our tour at Castle Town
Hradčany (the Castle Town) is one of four main parts of the historical  center of Prague founded in the 14th century. A considerable part of the borough occupies Prague Castle.
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